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Lesson Downloads

All Download are Zipped Files (ZIP file format). These files are packaged in this format and will have to be extracted to access the content. It is advised to download the file to a hard drive on your computer. Once downloaded, access the appropriate drive to view the file. Extract the file(s) to the computer's hard drive as well. From there, the PDF file and image file will be accessible. In order to view the PDF file, you will need a program that can open / view this file format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the recommended program to download if you do not have it already. You can download it from the Adobe Website here - https://get.adobe.com/reader/

Please Note that many of these lessons were created in earlier versions of Generations Automatic Digitizing Software - the buttons and interface has changed over the years and the lesson may have some alterations that are needed.
Learn how to manage scanned images that may be a bit frustrating.
Learn some of the powerful editing tools within Generations Software.
Lots of possibilities with the options available to add to the different fills.

Create cutwork using a scanner from an older pattern.
Manual Punching & Artwork Editing to create the perfect design.
Create Quilted Motifs or Redwork from complex images

Utilize the magic wand and outline adjusting tools
Visit the automatic applique function and learn the terms associated with it.
Building blocks are powerful tools to create endless borders.

Duplicate and use super align to create a fun design.
Create the cutest embroidered shirt for your sweet little artist.
More applique technique for beautiful fall home décor.

A little lesson on editing for your sweetheart.
A classic tree to adorn your home during the holidays.
A beginner's guide to feathered edges using different settings.

With the built-in monogramming, create monogram masterpieces in Generations.
Tips and Tricks on how to create gorgeous lace embroidery.
Scanned Images and working to create a great logo.